Trend Alert: How Low Will Gold Go? How High Will it Rise?

How Low Will Gold Go? How High Will it Rise?

KINGSTON, NY, 11 September 2019 — Since gold hit a six-year high on 4 September, it has fallen over $60 per ounce. How low will gold go? How high will it rise?

Now trading in the high $1,490s per ounce range, the word on the Street is that gold prices moved lower because positive U.S./China trade negotiations are at hand, equity markets are moving higher, bond yields are rising, and Middle East tensions are easing.

All of the above are factors that pushed down gold prices will not only reverse, some will worsen.

I forecast U.S./China trade relations will long term deteriorate rather than improve. And as recent data shows, despite its yuan moving lower, China’s exports again declined last month as the world’s #2 economy continues its down trend.

The global equity market rise is temporary, boosted by over 30 central banks lowering interest rates this year, thus injecting more monetary methadone to keep the addicted Bull running.

And, the more cheap money being pumped into the system, the lower bond yields will fall.