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It’s The Greatest Show on Earth: The Presidential Reality Show. In 18 months, Americans will go to the polls to cast ballots for a “lesser of two evils” to lead the …
The path to the future lies before us. For the awake and alive that stop, look and listen to what in the world is going on, the trend is crystal clear.  The path paved by today’s entrenched political Mafiosi, central-bank charlatans and military madmen will lead to a continuing erosion of personal freedoms, declining living standards and greatly expanded killing fields.
There’s no question more people on Earth use Google than bank with JPM Chase. But in March, when news broke of Google’s slew of cozy meet-and-greets with various White House officials,the real question became whether Google and Silicon Valley are the new JPM Chase and Wall Street in terms of political power plays.
The world’s energy future is painted in pictures of solar panels and fuel cells, but the story will be told in the language of storage  —  the cylinders, tanks and boxes where we can put the energy these evolving technologies will produce in abundance.