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The Trends Research Institute



"When Gerald Celente predicts what's going to be popular,
people listen."
— The Times Union

When it comes to trend tracking, Gerald Celente wrote the book on how to do it! (Trend Tracking Warner Books 1990 ... "Far better than Megatrends," Time)

The Trends Research Institute was among the first in the world to design, teach and established in-house trend tracking systems for clients.

Whether as a one-day primer or on an ongoing basis, The Institute can prepare any organization to profit from trends on an ongoing basis by teaching them how to forecast, analyze and track trends for themselves.

Trend Tracking is for the visionary inclined ... CEO's, executives, strategists, entrepreneurs, professionals, individuals, students ... anyone searching for fresh opportunities and new directions. Trend tracking is for any organizations and businesses that truly want to think outside their government, corporate, industry and organizational confines.

Our how-to-track-trends workshops, seminars and in-house systems teach how to see trends coming and how to best prepare and profit for the best of what the future will bring … and how to avoid the worst of what may come.

No university in the world provides their students with a trend forecasting and trend tracking course that compares to ours. In fact, inclusive trend forecasting courses are absent from the nation's university curriculum (Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Vassar, Stanford, etc.)

Looking at the past, present and future simultaneously, The Trends Research Institute's trend tracking course follows our how we got here, where we are and where we're going format which sets our work apart from the competition. We venture back, examine the current events forming current trends and project forward into the short, medium and long term future.