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Global Trends & Innovation

Gerald Celente Trends

Gerald Celente - InnoTown

Gerald Celente's smash hit keynotes — presented to business audiences, government officials and dignitaries around the world — are guaranteed to bring down the house.

  • Global Trends: Since 1980, Gerald Celente has been identifying, forecasting and tracking global trends shaping the future. From geopolitical to economic, consumer goods to health, food, entertainment, education, retail, social developments, science, energy, trade, technology ... to war and peace — Gerald Celente's keynote, "Global Trends that will shape the future," provides audiences with real world trends they can bank on.

  • Innovation: If your conference is about "innovation," then "Think for Yourself" is the must-have keynote only Gerald Celente can deliver. Blending his close combat martial arts expertise with his masterful trend forecasting skills, Gerald Celente shows when you "Think for Yourself," innovation and success are the natural by-products.

  • Custom Keynotes: Gerald Celente also customizes keynotes to fit each client's specific needs and requirements. Utilizing the full resources of The Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente provides audiences with presentations that are informative, provocative, visionary, insightful and entertaining.

    Prior to each presentation, Mr. Celente conducts client-directed research so that when he leaves the stage, the audience is left with an abundance of practical, deployable trend information they can take to the bank.


  The feedback from attendees was excellent, and notable for the quality of the praise you received – “gave it to us straight;” “helped us focus our priorities;” “brought us back to community;” “showed us how all macro trends are really local trends.” — NYSAP Conference

"In a word, Celente is fantastic! We have looked long and hard for a practical futurist. Gerald was able to deliver us a no-nonsense look into what to expect in our industry over the next few years."  — Bank of America

"The audience loved you! Your domestic and global insights are just what they were looking for and you delivered what you promised. You were insightful, intelligent, cleaver, entertaining and objective."
— Food Marketing Institute

"Thank you for over-delivering! Your trend forecast was on target and the delivery passionate." — USA Today's Presidents Academy

"A five star presentation! You captivated the audience and opened our eyes to mega, macro and micro trends we didn't see coming. We're looking forward to having you back." — American Express

"Despite our broad and complex topic, you made a difference! And, as our keynote speaker, set the tone for what turned out to be a very successful forum."
— Du Pont

"We were particularly impressed with the time you took to study our industry and show us how to profit by anticipating the future. You showed us new trends we did not see coming." — The Toy Manufacturers of America

"Thanks so much for giving 110% - you were such a media star and as a result we've got great coverage which helps us enormously. Feedback from all the events has been great."
— Better by Design: New Zealand Trade & Enterprise

"I am impressed with your ability to predict so accurately in so may areas. Thank you for your dynamic presentation."
— Electronic Payment Services, Inc.

"Gerald Celente is tops in the Business. His powerful and insightful presentation gave our attendees a huge leg up on the competition." — International Licensing Industry Merchandisers Association

"Mr. Celente’s approach is extremely helpful for companies who wish to start operationalizing trend tracking and avoid the pitfalls of collecting and interpreting information too narrowly." — Nestle’

"You are obviously one of the best in the business. Thank you for your very stimulating presentation to the Boots Board of Directors. Your observations have been echoed in several discussions since then." — The Boots Company (UK)

"The accuracy and applicability of the information Mr. Celente shared has been reinforced again and again by the current news headlines." — International Association of Convention & Visitor Bureaus

"Effective utilization of trend tracking methods can place a company on the cutting edge of competition. Gerald Celente has show us how we can apply this knowledge to better serve our customers."
— Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

"Superb! Thanks a million. You were great. The attendees loved your presentation and your global perspective."
— InnoTown, Norwa

"Outstanding! When speakers do a job as well as you, it makes us look good"— Intl. Assoc. of Fairs and Expositions

"Gerald Celente's insights are unique. He showed us new and innovative methods of trend tracking that will enhance our strategic planning initiatives." — 3M

"You succeeded in opening our collective eyes to the world around us and showed us how to make the connections which can be significant for our business. Thank you for a spectacular workshop/seminar"
— Kimberly-Clark

"I thank you most warmly for the part you played in making our symposium, Flight of Future Days," a great success. You keynote address was the centerpiece and the cadets, faculty, alumni were extremely interested in you outlook, observations and message of what to expect "down the road." — Virginia Military Institute

"Your personal involvement as a speaker, as well as the information you provided, helped us present the greatest conference ever." — Florida Tourism Industry Marketing Corporation

"I echo all the laudatory comments and compliments I received from our attendees for the excellent presentation you prepared for us." — American Hotel & Motel Association

    "Thank you for presenting a Trend Trancking Seminar that was really "hands-on" and provided us with information and direction that will help guide us into the future. We look forward to working with you on some new and exciting projects." — American Home Sewing & Craft Association

"Mr. Celente’s presentation on future trends in business, health and the economy was very powerful and informative. Our guest comments were wonderful!"
— Canyon Ranch

"Gerald Celente’s observations on identifying and tracking trends and the importance of a global viewpoint were well received and an eye-opener to many. We received many compliments afterward on having scheduled him and we appreciate his contributions to the overall success of our meetings."
— Delta Dental Plan

"Gerald Celente’s global perspective, trend insights and objectivity affirm his status as a master of trends research. Not only was his content enlightening but he’s also very entertaining. — The Coca Cola Company

"According to the overwhelming majority, of our entire meeting, your presentation was a resounding success. Thanks for opening our meeting on such a high note."
— Footwear Industries of America

"You were the hit of the forum! Your message certainly made an impression. Our publisher and executive editor couldn’t stop talking about your remarks and insights. Again, thanks for making our program so successful."
— GANNETT Suburban Newspapers

"Your presentation certainly impressed our attendees and gave them a lot to think about for the future. It was excellent." — Health Insurance Association of America

"I can’t tell you how much our delegates enjoyed and learned from your presentation to the International Parking Conference in Toronto. Your objective, yet personalized approach to your discussion of trends and their impact on our members was just right. You ranked as their favorite."— Institutional and Municipal Parking Congress

"Many thanks for your outstanding contribution at our Annual Meeting. You succeeded in drawing the audience and holding their attention. You faced a demanding audience and you performed with distinction … we truly benefited from your efforts"— Million Dollar Round Table

"On behalf of the membership of NAPM, I want to thank you for the excellent presentation you gave at our annual meeting. Of all the comments I head during and after the session, your presentation received the most … and highest compliments." — National Association of Photographic Manufactures

"Bravo! Where do I begin? Thank you for your outstanding performance at our Annual Convention. It was obvious (and appreciated) the amount of time you devoted to preparing for our group. Your effort in tailoring this dynamic presentation was a major contributing factor in making our Convention the best ever."  — National Association of Temporary Services

"Thank you again for your outstanding presentation. We have just completed the evaluations and your presentation was the highlight of the meeting. It was rated "hot stuff!" Thanks for doing the research which made the presentation much more industry specific."
— National Wholesale Druggists Association

"Congratulations, you were a hit! Your remarks not only set the stage of our Annual Industry Meeting, they remained tat the forefront of our group’s thinking throughout four days of discussions." — Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association

"Your comments not only set the tone for our Annual Meeting, they also set the landscape the industry leaders will and are competing in. Your presentation style and personality are great assets … you made everyone think and rethink their views on today and the future. This should be the beginning of an ongoing relationship."
— Steel Tube Institute

"Your global trends presentation was a smashing hit at our Marketing Forum. Thank you for spending so much time customizing your talk to meet the needs of the diverse group of marketing pros. You were great!"
— Richmond Events

"A special note of thanks for tailoring your trends program to the benefit of our industry. Everyone garnered favorite nuggets. We really enjoyed the contents and delivery of your speech." — National Kitchen & Bath Association

"What can I say? You were the greatest. Your remarks were both inspirational and enlightening. The conference was an overwhelming success and your role contributed mightily to that success."
— Alliance of Work/Life Professionals