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"Gerald, you are a great voice! I am impressed at your traditional values, uncommon common sense, and the way you are an 'in your face' expert with biting wit"
— Frank D.
Greenacres, WA

"I could have used you $1,000,000 ago."

— Martin K.
Stanton, MA

"I find so much truth in the Trends Journal that I could not afford to do without it."

—James I.

"Knowledge is power, and the knowledge Gerald Celente provides is priceless in a world gone mad with greed."

— William W.
Plummer, IA

I've never seen anyone call things before they happen. Most wait until you are there & then call it, but its too late. I don't know why financial planners tell investors to stay the course, when things are melting down right before your eyes. Keep up the good work Gerald.

— Llyod G.
Houston, TX


"God love Mr. Celente! He has enunciated certain vague, ominous feelings I have felt about our society the last couple of years and has served as a catalyst for me to take action and protect myself."
— Bernadette J.
New York, NY

"I feel an enormous debt of gratitude to Gerald for placing in my hands a compass to help me navigate the future as best I can."
— Susan C.
Nokesville, GA

"II thought you were crazy at first but you have proven everyone else to be idiots. I've learned to research and think for myself. Wish I'd known of you several years ago!"
—Jeannine B.
Urbandale, IA

"I find Mr. Celente imminently sensible and excitingly insightful."

—Jarrow R.
Los Angeles, CA

"God bless you sir. I think you are a true American Patriot. I've been listening to you on George Norry's show and just hope and pray every man, women and child is awake to here your message."

—Mark A.
Skokie, IL

"Your Trends Journal helps keep me on track with what is really happening - and not what our governments and banks choose to tell us."
— Paul F.
Waterford, Ireland

"Your predictions are scary - only because they ALWAYS are right on the mark."

— Connie V.
Melbourne, FL

"The Trends Journal helps me prepare mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially, as much as possible, for the coming difficulties."

— Devri
Honolulu, HI

"I take your economic warnings very seriously. Thanks to you, to date, my once abysmal household budget is now very much in order after a few months of practiced diligence."

—Barbara M.
Goshen, IN

I am glad there is someone like Gerald Celente to connect the dots for us. No one else is doing it so effectively.
—Judith B.
Bradenton, FL