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Where's the economy headed? Which businesses will thrive?
Which will dive? Will there be war? What else is in store?

Trends Journal


The Trends Journal® by Gerald Celente® alerts you to critical domestic and international trends long before they show up in the mainstream media. An information packed quarterly, the journal covers business, economics, politics, social developments, health, environment, education, the arts, science, technology, philosophy and entertainment.

As political atheists, we are agenda free and forecast trends for what they are, not for what we'd like them to be. Drawn from a broad spectrum of international resources, our fact-based, data-driven, cutting edge trend forecasts allow you to:

anticipate change, recognize the implications, and take proactive measures

recognize short and long-term strategies for profiting

Gerald Celente's track record speaks for itself. Forecasting worldwide since 1980, NO ONE has been so right, on so many issues, so often!

In additon to the Trends Journal, subscribers get:

There is nothing in the world like the Trends Journal!
It’s the only publication that captures the immediacy of the present while forecasting the future. This 40-plus page elegant, art and illustration-filled, ad free magazine, comes to you quarterly in hard copy or online. You may want to consider the printed edition, because an archive of Trends Journals will be an invaluable and collectable historical compendium in years to come. Put your money where your mind is®… Subscribe!
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Trends Journal Winter 2013

Winter 2013 issue of
The Trends Journal

Gerald Celente Trends

Trends in The News®
To stay on top of the news and ahead of the trends, tune in five days a week to Gerald Celente's no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners video commentaries on what is going on in the world and what it means to you. Provocative, pertinent and entertaining, these special features are available via subscription only.
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Trends Eye View

Trends-Eye View Original video mini-masterpieces covering the gamut of current events; some satiric, some solemn, always enlightening, all provocative... and guaranteed not to please everyone! You won't want to miss these monthly Trends-Eye View exclusives that come with your subscription.
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Latest Trends Alert

Trend Alert® Throughout the year, as current events of major social, economic and political significance occur, Gerald Celente notifies you via email of their implications and what strategies to consider. Subscribers receive access to Trend Alert archives.
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Trends Weekly Freda

The Weekly Freda Each week, the Trends Journal illustrator, Anthony Freda will turn his artistic and satiric genius upon a new story of his choice and illustrate it in his own unique style. We guarantee each Weekly Freda will speak even more vividly than the time-honored "picture that speaks a thousand words."
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