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Gerald Celente - National Intel Report - February 16, 2016

16 Feb 2017

I was on the National Intel Report this week to discuss money & credit the EU, and immigration.

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Markets and small business optimism continue to climb under President Trump, aided by deregulation, tax deals, and stimulus programs. While markets and employment have grown, real wages have hardly made gains, spelling out a spike in mortgage and subprime auto loan delinquencies. Added to the number of populist parties wanting out of the Eurozone, turmoil is looming over the commodity and equity markets, further pushing the prices of safe-haven assets such as gold. Watch

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Why gold will endure: Trend forecaster Gerald Celente provides a "globalnomic" view on how all roads lead to gold. The War on Terror continues, tensions in Israel escalate, and the populist parties across Europe continue to gain popularity. Despite rising interest rates strengthening the dollar, gold prices will rise as investors seek a safe-haven asset amid rising tensions and destabilized economies all over the world. Watch