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Gerald Celente - The Brett Winterble Show - August 15, 2018

15 Aug 2018

Gerald discuss the economy with Russia and Turkey on the latest episode of the Brett Winterble show. Listen here

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15 Aug 2018

Gerald Celente - Kitco News - August 5, 2018

Gold prices fell more than $17 on the day, and while central banks may have played a role in its selloff, the bigger driver is the strong U.S. dollar, fueled by rising interest rates, said Gerald Celente, publisher of the Trends Journal. Watch

13 Aug 2018

Gerald Celente - Infowars - August 13, 2018

I guest hosted the Alex Jones show discussing censorship and fake news Watch

11 Aug 2018

Gerald Celente - This Week in Money - August 11, 2018

Tariffs, Trump, Canada, Social Media, China and Occupy Peace Watch

7 Aug 2018

Gerald Celente - Jason Liosatos Show - August 7, 2018

I was on with Jason Liosatos this week to discuss truth, freedom of speech, Alex Jones, the human spirit, slavery, corruption, Donald Trump, Julian Assange, Noam Chomsky, happiness and the global awakening. Watch

7 Aug 2018

Gerald Celente - Real News with David Knight - August 7, 2018

Censorship and also how Europe is vowing to preserve Iran deal after Trump signed an executive order returning sanctions on Tehran. Watch