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What Zizi Gave Honeyboy by Gerald Celente

What Zizi Gave Honeyboy

What Zizi Gave Honeyboy

A True Story about Love, Wisdom, and the Soul of America

Review from "Booklist":

Celente, a top trends analyst featured in newspapers and on TV, was going through a painful divorce. Zizi, his 80-year-old aunt, had just lost her husband. They had already been close, but now they were spending much more time together and forming a special bond. Zizi's endearing, homespun wisdom has been all but lost. Working through painful phlebitis in her legs, she continues to serve up huge Italian meals for Gerald and impart her thoughts on the sorry state of affairs of fractured families, the displaced and abandoned elderly, and the corrupt government that says it cares but does little. "Look at all these pills they want me to take," she says. "What are they, crazy? If I took every one of them I'd either be a drug addict or I'd be dead." As she looks back on missed opportunities, she tells Gerald, "Don't save all your money for a rainy day, because you may end up spending it all on rain. Spend some on sunshine. Enjoy your life." Zizi's wisdom is good medicine for Gerald and can help anyone through tough times.

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